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Hello, my name is Matt Haney. Welcome to my personal site/portfolio. So what do I do? Lots of things. I am a web-developer, graphic artist, tinkerer, and lover of all things electronic. I span the gap from a personal computer instructor to general purpose coder. I love building visually appealing and out of the ordinary websites while implementing the newest technology.

In now are vibrant colors, large eye catching elements, single page websites (like this one), and mobile conscious design. Websites now are expected to load almost instantaneously. Technology has risen to seamlessly connect the designer with the end user. Now, anything is possible.

★Well Rounded ★Continually Learning ★Technology Wizard★


Technology Repair almost everything from computers to robots

Need a piece of technology repaired? We can help. We are adept at both creating and repairing most forms of terchnology.

Spyware & Virus Is your device slower than usual or acting a little odd?

Many times a consistent dip in speed, or change in the usual experience can mean that you may have contracted a virus. Worried russia may be spying on your every move? We can clean and prevent future spyware infections.

Programming Have an idea or concept? I can help you bring it to life.

Now days most consumer technology can be programmed using just a couple languages. Do you wish your computer could automatically accomplish a task? Want your phone to accomplish a specific action that you have designed...We can help.

Web-Development The first impression you set is digital. Set your company apart.

We build custom SEO optimized websites for your brand.

Network Installation need your computers and printers to communicate?

If you are having problems connecting to the internet, its more than likely a network problem. Want to set up a printer that all your devices can print to? Network it.

Training software & computer training

With the right teacher, most software is easily learned. Sometimes all it takes is to have someone to ask questions, and if they are answered correctly you can find your own way.
data recovery

Data Recovery need help recovering data

Depending on the type of failue, most data recovery can be done in house. If your harddrive failed, this would entail the type of work that would have to be sent out to a hardware specialist.

SEO Search Engine Optimization

SEo is a critical part of your digital presence. It both defines your brand and acts as a roadmap to lead people to you.
Google searches have happened since you came to this website.

Currently, there are about 83,171 google searches going on every second.


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